To the editors:

I was impressed to read the article by Michael Bonesteel The Art of Dying (June 8) on the cover since I hardly find any articles concerning art. It is about time! I found the article very moving and was glad that Mr. Bonesteel had the courage to tell their story. I understand how hard it can be to actually tell a personal story about one’s own suffering and I admire both JorJan Borlin and Peter Schwei for sharing such an experience. In this day and age when death is such a taboo to talk about and grief is swept under the carpet, it is a shame we don’t get to read such insights on artists as well as people coming to terms with their grief by means of art. I am an artist myself and being an artist makes you honest enough to accept the pain and conquer it by means of creating. To put some meaning into a situation that otherwise seems hopeless is a gift indeed. I can only wish that others can do the same.

I admire the honesty and directness that went into such a story and hope to read others with such compassion and insight. Thank you.

Joan Fabian