To the editors:

Regarding the article about the exhibition, “Brooks / Georgiades / Kitzes” at NAME Gallery [March 27]: In reference to the writer’s remark addressing the taxpayers, I would like to note that the grant credit, which appeared typed at the bottom of my information sheet, is required by the Illinois Arts Council (Grant Agreement, Item No. 6: “Grantee agrees that credit shall be given council on all public notices, publicity, printed programs, public media and other applicable material”). In addition, his comments regarding the amount of work I’ve produced this year were completely inaccurate (and surely irrelevant) due to the fact that he’s never discussed my work with me. The remarks about the “macho sculpture boys” and plagiarism are too foolish to pass as serious critical analysis.

It’s certainly not the first time that an aspiring critic has attempted to valorize work he collects, but to do so at the expense of others is unnecessary. How unfortunate when personal politics interfere with critical judgment, as in the case of this article.

Aristotle Georgiades

W. Winnemac