Dear editor,

I’d like to correct a mistake that appeared in your Calendar section this week (July 31). Your writer chose to illustrate the pluck demonstrated by Pilsen’s Dogmatic Gallery by noting that it is moving to new digs this month, “undeterred by harsh words from the New Art Examiner’s Ann Wiens, who called it ‘simply a waste of time.'” The quote was taken from a New Art Examiner piece in which I commented that, although some artist-organized apartment shows “are among the most exciting things going in the Chicago art scene right now, many others are simply a waste of time,” then went on to explain why. Dogmatic Gallery was mentioned in another context, in another paragraph, with no commentary at all beyond acknowledging that the gallery exists. I’d hate to be given credit for being flippant, bitchy, and dismissive unless it was deserved.

Ann Wiens


Cara Jepsen replies:

Strangely enough, Wiens was first misquoted in Dogmatic’s own press release, where they proudly claimed that her comments were about them.