To the editors:

I did think reporter Glab was a little rough on Rob Sherman [“Atheist & Son,” July 6], but I did get a couple of laughs out of the article.

As anyone who’s had to cover Sherman’s career in godlessness knows, he’s not above pandering to the TV cameras, even when he’s wrong. A couple of weeks ago I found the steps of my church thronged with a rag-tag band of atheists marching in a circle, chanting “God is make believe,” and complaining about a proposal to use public money to re-hab architecturally significant houses of worship.

Fair enough, an argument can be made that public money shouldn’t be spent to restore active religious buildings.

My church, the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St James, is a glittering jewel restored in the 80s to its nineteenth-century magnificence. Our congregation went into very deep debt to pay for the re-build, and never received a penny of public money.

I told Sherman that he was definitely at the wrong church. My pastor, the very Rev. Charles Greene, came out the cathedral doors to tell Sherman he was at the wrong church. Sherman informed us both that the Sun-Times said “St James” was one of the churches on the list. The right church was St James Catholic Church on Wabash and 29th.

But why go to the south side to picket the right church when you can stay just off the magnificent mile to picket the wrong one? The marchers marched long enough to give Channel Nine a chance to shoot their protest.

One of the protestors told me as I led my kid up the stairs that I would be talking to myself in there. I cheerily informed Sherman that I would pray for him and his pals.

Ray Suarez

Logan Square