Dear Editor:

I am reasonably sure that when selecting a writer to review some form of artistic expression, you are not likely to choose someone so gung ho on the particular genre that they have no objectivity to speak of; what has me puzzled is the selection of someone who apparently knows little of the subject they are writing about and, to add to that, seems to actually dislike it.

I am referring to the review of the Silver Apples concert written by Monica Kendrick [Rock, Etc., August 8]. When a review starts out with the most tired cliche applied to electronic music, it’s hardly a good omen for what is to come. And I am really tired of the somewhat bizarre notion that mistakes make popular music more human, more appealing. I was not aware that synthesizers et al wrote and performed the music with no human input save to show up and push a button or that being off-key has any charms whatsoever.

Then of course there is the need to use the overused term geek as if it explains everything when it explains nothing. Even following whatever logic is being used here, building your own synthesizer and naming it after yourself has to be a high point in geekery. And last, invoking Gary Numan as some sort of demonic gauge to measure against: If Ms. Kendrick actually knew anything about Numan at all she would know that his use of electronica has less to do with a love of technology for technology’s sake and more to do with convenience.

I can forgive nearly any crime except that of deliberate stupidity. Oh, and I hope I haven’t offended Ms. Kendrick by attempting to spell and punctuate correctly; I am a real person, not a machine, just so you know.

Michael Reese

S. Kostner