Dear editor:

[Re: “Death Takes a Holiday,” by Dan Savage, February 14]

On the few occasions when I have read the column Savage Love in the Reader, it seemed to me the best reason to use Section Four to line the cat box, as Dan Savage’s idiotic “advice” seemed to deserve a good dousing with cat piss. I don’t know who at the Reader had the bright idea to let this moral moron write a feature piece about AIDS, but they should be taken out and given a quick kick in the ass.

But then, I’m frankly amazed that the Reader continues to print Dan Savage. His column seems to do little but provide an excuse for the Reader to print the words “butt fuck” on a regular basis. But Savage’s take on the current state of the AIDS epidemic was the most morally reprehensible piece of trash I’ve ever read. Savage gives it away at the start of the article, when he sees someone he once had sex with, a person who was HIV positive, and wonders, Why isn’t he dead yet? As if the entire illness existed to provide Savage with a way out of unfortunate tricks. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from there. Savage later declares “The AIDS crisis is over.” Yeah, well, guess again. This was the most irresponsible piece of trash I’ve ever encountered in the Reader, and you should be ashamed to have printed it. When you ran Justin Hayford’s much more thoughtful piece on gay men who are HIV negative [“Negative Thinking,” January 31], I thought the Reader was going to engage in a more intelligent relationship to queers in Chicago. Clearly, I was wrong.

I’d use Savage’s feature to line the cat box, but frankly, I don’t want my cat coming into contact with anything that disgusting.

Jeff Abell

W. Oakdale