To the editors:

How fitting–and how ironic–that Bill Ayers so charmed your reporter that the fundamental fallacy of his current life work slipped between the cracks of the commentary [November 9].

Ayers, who sounds to me as if he is still exactly the same rich suburban kid he started out to be–lives in Hyde Park now–probably one of the safest and most gentrified city neighborhoods around, with a decent record–not perfect–of integration. But in spite of this, over the past 25 years there has always been a tendency on the part of the “upwardly mobile” or “the have it made” residents to avoid the public schools. Those of us who sent our kids to them, therefore, had to participate twice as hard and work at their effectiveness, and it’s not particularly amusing, now, when some of them are rated very highly and all of them need parental involvement to hear ex-radical Ayers claim the right–for his kids–to step outside the system even as he acts as a consultant “mover and shaker” in it. Somehow, I really did not expect a Weatherman to fail to practice what he preaches.

The name for that, frankly, is selling out.

Maryal Stone Dale

(aka Mary Alzina Stone Dale)

S. Kenwood