We in the hood were shocked, then enraged, by the rhetorical warfare against Lincoln Park [“The Panic in Wicker Park,” August 26].

“Go home to Lincoln Park where you belong.” “Lincoln Park-ization”–these from page one alone.

From east of Sheffield, Wicker Park always seemed sort of charming. We were cheering for it. If the pseudobeats quit posturing so frantically, trying to recycle yesteryear’s hip and cool, cranking out bad art, Indianapolis or Des Moines might pull ahead as the midwest’s “vanguard arts community.” (Who else is in the running, anyway?)

Our tolerance, apparently, was all one-way.

If you want Culture War, you’ve got it.

Anonymous provocateurs have spray-painted Alternative Rock Grungification Wicker Parkification outside Tower Records.

Guerilla litigators, all recent grads of Big Ten law schools, are bringing harassing lawsuits against a fabric artist who moved into the Pierre.

Radical yuppie graffiti: Get into Mark Shale, or get off Clark Street! Back to your birth burbs, artsy weasels!

Mike Steere

Lincoln Park

PS: Jeff Huebner did a great job writing/reporting.