Dear editor,

While Linda Lutton’s feature article on development in Pilsen [April 24] was very thorough and informative, there was one thing I found sadly ironic. In light of Chancellor David Broski’s narrow-minded “vision” of bringing a new form of urban blight to Pilsen in the form of Starbucks, what appeared a mere six pages later, in the midst of the same article, but a large ad for said chain of coffee shops!? I realize the task of putting together a publication like the Reader is no small feat, but I think a closer examination of the layout would have been warranted for this article at least. Perhaps that advertisement might have been more appropriate if it were placed in Section Two, where it would have had a better chance of exclusively reaching its target– those individuals who make up the “24-hour intellectual, social, and cultural environment” that Broski wants to impose on Pilsen. Instead the wider audience, including those residents who are on the verge of being displaced by this chain as well as “intellectuals” (if attending college is a sufficient condition to be considered one) with a distaste for its product are subjected to this case of unfortunate ad placement. After reading such a well-written article, I am still left with a bitter taste reminiscent of that found after consuming a cup of yuppie-cino.

Matthew Mikkelsen