Bad Call

Dear Mr. Cox,

Regarding your article in the Chicago Reader on September 6:

Perhaps there is another, very critical factor relating to attendance at Comiskey Park–the continuous trashing of the team, individual players, the manager, the owner, and of course, the ballpark, the ballpark, the ballpark.

I was disappointed to see that you had jumped on the bandwagon of negative journalism about a situation that is five years old, and unlikely to be fixable. “Get over it,” as they say in the song, and stop wondering why attendance is poor when the Chicago media persists in telling everyone what a bad place Comiskey is. Why would anyone want to attend a game after reading an article like yours??? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I have admired your writing over the years, and will continue to do so. You are articulate and creative about Chicago sports. I regret that my first letter to you is a complaint. I should have written before to congratulate you on your obvious talent–gracious articles that point out the finer aspects of the sports world. Please, please, please don’t lower yourself to the almost yellow journalism of Jay Mariotti and others. If the Sox need anything (besides a fifth starter), it’s an ally in the press to perhaps remind everyone of the splendor of Harold Baines, or the fact that the ballpark is infinitely nicer than, say, the Astrodome.

Sally Brozenec