Dear Chicago Reader,

I would like to comment on your March 20 cover story on Mike North. After reading the story, I feel you are glorifying a real loser.

I have listened to the Score since its inception, and I have often been appalled by the comments coming out of that lowlife’s mouth. Here is a guy who brags about never going to high school, going out and getting hammered every night, gambling, and having worked in illegal bookmaking operations.

A lot of teens listen to sports radio, and Mike North sets a poor example for young people. In the article, he mentioned that he owes his wife, Bebe, for all the lean years, so what’s payback–going out with his buddies every night, getting drunk, and coming home when the sun’s coming up? He didn’t mention taking her on his forays.

North is also a shill for every place that offers him money, like his hero Mike Ditka, who he tries to emulate. If you endorse everything your word soon means nothing.

Mike North always brags that he’s just like his fans and doesn’t back down from the tough questions. Well, he must have had a blackout from too much drinking when he was having Alonzo Spellman on his show. Weeks before the show, he was constantly berating Spellman on the radio. Suddenly as the interview drew nearer, Mike North started praising Spellman to no end. Were you afraid face-to-face to tell Spellman what you thought of his performance, you phony? Later in the season, North was all over Spellman again. All mouth, no cojones.

Just this past March 23, Mr. North referred to a Japanese person as a “Jap.” That’s not the first time he has used a racial slur, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

So to sum up, the guy started out as a bum, and he still is, regardless of his so-called success. With his gambling habits, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, when he’s no longer working on the radio, he ends up broke again.

Mike North may make a lot of money now, but there’s one thing that you can’t buy, and that is class.

Darrell Horwitz

W. Cuyler