In response to Letters, February 23, Section One, page 3, “Dubious Dog Lovers”:

Six years ago I walked into Let’s Pet looking for a friend. Guess what? Mary and Susan Sopiarz took the time to match my lifestyle with a wonderful golden retriever–yes, healthy, fully registered, and guaranteed. I was not allowed to leave the store with him without instructions on feeding, housebreaking, training, and the proper schedule of health care follow-up. All my questions were answered.

As for your doubts on Mary Sopiarz’s love for dogs, her day begins at 6:00 AM and doesn’t end until 9:00 or 10:00 at night, seven days a week. No days off or vacations, taking care and making sure all her dogs are fed, healthy, and happy. And how about a dog named Magic lying on the side of LSD? Mary Sopiarz stopped, put the injured dog in her car, and spent hundreds of dollars to heal this almost dead dog. She is now the store’s mascot, fully recovered, healthy and happy. That is what dog lovers do.

Let’s get the story straight. The dogs you see at your animal shelter are the results of owners who don’t care about animals. Do you expect Mary Sopiarz to go home with each buyer and raise their dogs?

Put the blame on the right people, not on the Mary Sopiarzes or the Susans who dedicate their lives to breeding and raising quality dogs.

John Sattelmaier and

Max, golden retriever

N. Paulina