To the editors:

In response to R.M. Schultz’s letter “Christ’s Message” (October 9), that my liberal critique of Reverend Hybels’s Superchurch was only “political correctness,” I say a resounding: NOT!

The original article on Superchurches [August 7] pointed out the ideological extremism of the New Right Religionists, not me. What Mr. Schultz does not understand is that homosexuality is not the “sin.” Rather, hatred toward any sexual orientation is. Yes, God makes us gay, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, or celibate at birth. “Normality” is in fact a cultural construct.

What disturbs me is that this “holy Catholic” Christian does not comprehend the basic tenet of the Christian faith, the kerygma or kernel truth, namely: “to love God and neighbor as we define and love ourselves.”

Ironically, in his hostility toward my liberal views, Schultz not only misses Jesus’ social gospel, but personal salvation as well. Obviously, the apostolic “trickling down” gospel method doesn’t work. This is not a sham, this is a shame.

Yet Mr. Schultz’s response was nowhere near as homophobic as the one I got via a postcard in the mail from one of these New Right Christians (sic). This postcard was taken to (1) a police precinct, (2) the Postmaster General, and (3) the County Commission on Human Relations for hate-crime charges. These know-it-all (but really don’t) Christians are dangerous.

Reread the Bible folks. The authority for truth and justice is not found among religious right publishers or transliteralists, but with God and us, particularly when we are humble and compassionate to all people.

Get a life Neo-Literalists! We liberal Christians and humanists already do.

Reverend Dr. Timm Peterson

W. Fletcher