Dear Editor,

After reading Monica Kendrick’s excellent review of the Motorhead/W.A.S.P. concert at the Vic Theatre (July 4, Rock, Etc.), and an entertaining, if not hostile, ensuing letter from a disgruntled W.A.S.P. fan [July 11], I felt compelled to inform both Kendrick and the perturbed W.A.S.P.-ette of all the facts from a backstage perspective.

First, and most importantly, to answer Kendrick’s query as to why Motorhead were supporting W.A.S.P., simply put–this was not the deal going into the tour. Both bands agreed to alternate, or flip-flop, headlining city to city. W.A.S.P. quickly reneged on that agreement, claiming their stage was “too elaborate,” thus necessitating their nightly headline status. I can’t vouch for their great stage. After the show (we were backstage their entire set), all I saw was a stage covered with feathers! Did they blow up a chicken, or what?

Secondly, prior to Chicago, while Motorhead were onstage in Detroit, W.A.S.P. stole their dressing room and threw all of Motorhead’s gear in the hallway! This resulted in Motorhead’s leader Lemmy and W.A.S.P. boy Blackie Lawless (ooh, scary name!) coming to near blows.

W.A.S.P. were also ticked off that many fans were leaving after Motorhead’s set. Can you say jealous?

All of this resulted in Motorhead leaving the tour after Chicago. However, justice was eventually served. When Motorhead bailed out, all remaining shows were cancelled. Why? Because W.A.S.P. couldn’t sell any tickets by themselves!

Who says metalheads are stupid?

Ellen Shockley