Dear Mr. [Mike] Lenehan:

Just who is Jack Helbig anyway? Has he ever written a positive theater review for your paper? If he has, I’d love it if you would reprint it to prove it to me.

Mr. Helbig reviewed two plays in your November 18, 1994, issue and scathingly panned both of them. I did not see Tobacco Road, but I did see Cheese Louise, and it did not deserve the venomous attack Helbig spewed at it. The audience roared at the jokes and seemed to appreciate the whole Wisconsin-spoof premise.

A nasty review can kill a small acting company and theater. Please do everyone a favor and don’t send a reviewer whose “champagne” tastes will ruin a “beer” production. Send someone who appreciates the diversity of Chicago’s theater and the types of works different companies create.

Patricia Lofthouse

Park Ridge