To the editors:

Cliches leap to mind while reading about the school with, according to the writer, so many mobsters’ children [Our Town, March 13].

Not “It takes one to know one” or “Birds of a feather.” Both of those imply that the story is correct. And besides, the reporter’s own family was carefully exonerated.

What about the others who had children in that wonderful school for as long as 14 years each? Dickie’s father, a doctor. Gus’s father, a restaurant owner. Wendy’s father, an orchid importer. Jeff’s mother, widow of a Canadian Royal Air Force hero. Sarah’s father, a broker and church trustee. Julius’s father, an Israeli consul. Dwynelle’s mother, an international trade officer.

Those are just a few parents of kids we remember as being the reporter’s schoolmates and bus-mates. In all those years none of us heard so much as hint, rumor, or gossipy tidbit to make these unsavory “revelations” credible now. Those who loved the school must all be aghast.

The reporter, a darling kid, as I recall, has grown into a first-rate writer. How sad that no editor ever warned about the dangerous cliche that does fit: “He never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

Jacqueline McNicol