The Reader’s Choice: Gethsemane Garden Center

Landscaping might not be what comes to mind when one thinks of gay folks loitering in the bushes, but when it comes to frolicking with pansies (they’re my people, I can make these jokes), you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this tony north-side garden center. No doubt it’s something about the ruggedness yet preciousness of landscaping, combined with the proximity to Andersonville, that draws GLBTQs in droves every spring for some serious cruising behind garden carts. And can you think of a better icebreaker than “Where on God’s gay earth did you find that bromeliad?”   Gethsemane Garden Center, 5739 N. Clark, 773-878-5915, —Kathie Bergquist

&Our readers’ choiceWhole Foods on Halsted

 3640 N. Halsted, 773-472-0400,