Dear Peter Margasak,

Never has your column moved me so much that I had the urge to write you a letter and say, “Thank you!” Your column of July 25 (“Rock ‘n’ Roll Vacancy”) said everything that I ever thought and always said about Jae-Ha Kim, author of such noted literary works as Best of Friends: The Unofficial Friends Companion. One more example of how anyone with a word processor can call themselves a “writer.”

Usually I think music critics are scum (located on Albert Brooks’s “Worst Human Being” list between lepers and curable lepers), but since you took over Section Three from that other nimrod, I have been a rabid reader. And although I certainly do not agree with everything you say or even all the music that you consider to be essential, I appreciate your acrid and accurate portrayal on another “freebie-mongering industry weasel.”

Jeff Gazbarro