According to your article [“The Man Who Ruined Running,” August 6], I either am or aspire to be a running snob (having run 3:01 in the 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon). So be it. I object to the Penguin and his methods. The Penguin seems to be the hero of the slow runner, but that really misses his point. Plenty of runners work really hard, give their best effort, and still need five hours to complete a marathon. Hardworking, slow runners deserve support and loud-voiced cheering.

What the Penguin does that is evil is glorify (to his extreme commercial gain) giving a less than full effort. He celebrates those who want to put “ran a marathon” on their life’s resume without really training for it. Not only is this wrong, it is dangerous, potentially deadly, and un-American. Shame on you, Penguin.

Daniel H. Fogel