Dear Mr. Margasak,

Thumbs up on your review of WBEZ’s tapioca jazz playlist [April 14]. I am a young Chicago woman who loves experimental music and would love to hear it on WBEZ.

Clearly, Malatia is out of touch with a sizable segment of his listeners’ interests. Perhaps he and Chris Heim are too busy planting their lips on the backsides of the big donors to realize that there are lots of listeners who enjoy music that is risky and weird.

Chris Heim’s world-music playlist could also use some reinvigoration. Her reliance on Latino music is unfortunate since so much beautiful and interesting Asian, African, and Middle Eastern world music is readily available. Her penchant for never playing a particular world-music artist until that artist is playing in a WBEZ-sponsored concert is infuriating. Even worse, the airplay of these artists evaporates after the concert is over.

This pledge drive I’ll be saving my money to buy CDs of experimental and world-music artists who I can’t hear on the radio. At least some of the money will go to a good cause.


Jeanne Paliatka

La Grange