‘BEZ’s Core Values

Hats off to Peter Margasak for bravely inciting what will no doubt be known to future generations as “The Great Peashooter Rebellion” [April 14]. One would be hard-pressed indeed to conceive of a nobler pursuit than arguing the comparative merits of the Mainstream (WBEZ) and the Sidestream (Vandermark, Anderson, et al). Why, not since the landmark Tastes great! / Less filling! debates of some two decades past have we been treated to such a bountiful harvest of intellectual discourse! Allow me to act as moderator:

For their part, Chris Heim and Torey Malatia would do well to realize that merely being paid to make programming decisions for WBEZ in no way infers license to actually do so. They must be more sensitive to the fact that although they are selling apples (and have a healthy demographic of apple lovers to support that business), there are a heck of a lot of equally deserving people out there who would simply rather those apples taste a tad more on the orangey side. Not much to ask, after all! And Peter, being the grassroots sort of populist he is, should undoubtedly be responsive to the fact that I personally do not like the flavor of music he writes about, and that he must hence overhaul his column to better suit my subjective tastes. I expect to see some big changes next week, Peter. Think: pomegranates…

David J. Kemper


Oh, yeah…Mark Ruffin was a useless dilettante, admittedly a slight improvement over that whiny-voiced, pedantic fuck Neil Tesser, but still…

(You don’t have to print that last part, I just had to get it off my chest…)