Poor little Erin. My heart so breaks for you. Not. Never before have I read a more pitiful, self-indulgent writ of martyrdom as “Jerked Around”: The Erin E. Hogan story [October 27]. Next on Geraldo. Why did she want this story printed? Does she want us to feel compassion for her . . . empathy . . . outrage? I’m sorry, I’ll save that for the real victims of our society (and quite often our judicial system) . . . victims of rape, murder, assault. And then there’s poor little Erin. And please spare me the sociological psychobabble that an undetected masturbator today will be a child molester tomorrow. I don’t buy it. In fact, spare me your whole story. The same men and women you scathe in your diatribe are working every day, prosecuting and defending citizens of Illinois who truly deserve it. You entered the arena. I certainly condone you for that. It wasn’t pleasant. Which is unfortunate. But please spare us the whining (that also goes for you too, Reader editors).

Albert F. Ferolie

Ferolie & Stephenson, P.C.

Attorneys at Law