To the editors:

What gives? In an article of July 14, 1989 (I believe it was “Neighborhood News” about the Wrigley beer ban failure), your writer stated that the Tribune Company has eliminated Ladies Day at Wrigley Field apparently for greedy reasons.

Lo and behold, I just picked up a Cubs schedule and it lists every Thursday day game as Ladies Day. That’s five days! I have enclosed the schedule if you dare to look at it.

An Astonished Reader


Ben Joravsky replies:

That’s no Ladies Day. In the old days under the Wrigleys, on Ladies Day all women were admitted free of charge to any of the 22,000 general-admission seats sold the day of the game. Under the Tribune Company, women are only given a two-buck discount on a handful of lousy seats (“terrace reserved”–you know, the ones with the obstructed view).