To the editors:

Buried deep in your story on the 46th Ward race [March 29] is an appalling attack on constitutional rights by Senator Billy Marovitz.

The homeless have as much right to vote as anyone else, and courts have upheld that right. The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners put out a press release last year announcing a program to implement that right. That’s all they did, put out a press release; they made no effort to register anyone. The Center for Street People, however, made a real effort to register their clients. A close associate of Alderman Shiller cooperated. As a result, the few homeless people registered at the center are nearly half of those registered city-wide.

Enter Marovitz. He criticizes the situation, not because most of the homeless are being deprived of their constitutional rights, but because a few aren’t.

Both Marovitz and Shiller took an oath to uphold the Constitution. He accuses her of keeping it.

Frank Palmer

W. Argyle

John Stevenson replies:

I couldn’t agree more.