To the editors:

I just finished reading–with great pleasure and interest–Bill Wyman’s review of the Madonna movie Truth or Dare, in your June 21 issue.

What a marvelous review it was. Mr. Wyman’s writing is top-notch, as are his perceptions of Madonna: a “childishly self-absorbed,” manipulative spoiled brat, bordering on a case of severe narcissistic personality traits.

What’s frightening to me is that large numbers of people find a “character” like Madonna someone worth worshipping, for whatever reason. It’s a sad commentary on yet another example of living through a fantasy version of life–and being susceptible to it. Have we become so impatient with ordinariness and conventionality (which as Mr. Wyman observes, is really what Madonna is all about), that we need to create elements of drama in our lives?

Madonna is NOT someone anyone should want to emulate. She’s incapable of feeling any deep emotion for anyone, much less herself.

Thanks, Mr. Wyman, for calling a spade a spade. It would be a pity–and an insult–if Madonna thought for one minute that she was getting away with her scam!

Susan Frissell, PhD