To the editors:

Kevin Kitchen and W. Lunt came down pretty hard on us so-called prolifers [Letters, March 27]. About the only crimes we weren’t accused of were causing acid rain and the dollar’s decline. May I try to sort through that diatribe and set some ideas straight for these good people?

Let’s start with birth control. We’re blamed for opposing any type. But suppose we had been pushing the Dalkon Shield and the IUD all these years. How could we explain our stupidity and lack of caution? How could we expect anyone to believe us or take our word? We’d have to apologize and hope people would forgive and forget.

Which brings up an important point: when did Planned Parenthood or the other sexperts and population control groups ever apologize for the harm they caused women who were fitted for the Shield in their clinics? And the IUDs? The big question is: why do people still trust those who betrayed them? Beats us. And no apologies, no explanations. No, “Sorry you were maimed or killed, but we’d recommend that you rely on the pill from now on.” People have short memories!

Why do we still oppose the pill? It rhymes with “kill” and it does just that: it kills. More often than not, the pill does not prevent conception, it prevents implantation. Read the fine print in the clinical pharmacology. They’re antinidatory, i.e., they prevent the “nesting” of the newly conceived human being. The endometrium (uterine lining) is rendered hostile. This is uterine infanticide. Chemical abortion. It’s fatal to the unborn and very dangerous to women as well.

But don’t take my word for it. Read The New Our Bodies Ourselves: A Book by and for Women by the Boston Women’s Health Collective (Simon & Schuster). Among their conclusions: “the Pill and the IUD are dangerous enough to warrant their use as methods of ‘second choice'” only. The members of the collective do not believe that the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry or population planners can be trusted to put the true welfare of women ahead of other goals. They’re absolutely right.

Or read The Bitter Pill, by Dr. Ellen Grant. She hailed the pill in 1961 as a wonderful new discovery. Now she says no woman can safely take it. Good advice.

So, all in all, pushing the pill is no way to “cut down” the number of abortions. It’s chemical warfare and, as in most wars, there are only losers, no winners: babies and mothers.

Next: birth control in schools. The students at DuSable and Orr are not “too poor” to get these “services” elsewhere. School-based “health” clinics duplicate what’s already available free in those same neighborhoods, thus wasting twice as much tax money.

But more important than that, there’s not a single scientific study to prove that such clinics reduce pregnancies. Just the opposite. Get a copy of last October 14’s Wall Street Journal. Read the results of the independent research of Weed and Olsen. It’s devastating. Teenage pregnancies and abortions increase as fast as the number and proportion of teen “family-planning” clients increase.

Four states lead in publicly funded birth control: California, Hawaii, Georgia, and New York. They also lead in abortions plus unmarried-births to teenagers. The states that spend the least on contraceptives and abortions (Utah, North and South Dakota, Idaho and Missouri) also have the lowest rate of abortions plus unmarried-births. Does that tell you something?

Lastly, welfare. There is an elementary principle of economic behavior, held in contempt by the social welfare establishment, which states that, faced with a price for a formerly “free good” (such as abortion), consumers turn to less costly substitutes (prevention of pregnancy). I challenge Kitchen and Lunt to produce some proof that we prolifers are the same conservatives who “bitch” about paying welfare benefits to teen moms. What we claim is that cutting off funds for abortions and outlawing the killing altogether will reduce the number of unmarried teenage mothers drastically. We have the figures from states that don’t pay for welfare abortions to prove it.

We’re really not as bad a bunch as your two readers make us out to be. As for “forcing” our views on others, isn’t that how slavery was ended? Abortion is the civil rights issue of the 20th century and beyond. Unless and until America ends the holocaust, we will continue to self-destruct into oblivion.

Richard O’Connor

Executive Director

Illinois Right to Life Committee