To the editors:

Why, in an article (April 16) about Mollie West, who objected to the disparagement of blacks and fought for education, does Florence Hamlish Levinsohn refer to Treblinka as a “Polish death camp”? In fact, strangely enough, the word “Nazi” does not appear in her paragraph about the fate of Ms. West’s family during the Holocaust. Treblinka was a Nazi death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, and thousands of non-Jewish Poles died at such death camps along with Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Russian prisoners of war, and others.

John J. Kulczycki

Department of History

University of Illinois at Chicago

Florence Hamlish Levinsohn replies:

My apologies. I should certainly have written “a Nazi death camp in Poland.” I am aware that many other people in addition to Jews perished at Treblinka and the other death camps.