To the editors:

The arrogant, condescending, and self-obsessed letters written to protest Julie Phillips’s article on baby boomers [July 31] merely proved how accurately she had assessed that generation. The writers failed to make a single cogent point, and instead exemplified the very attitude she had railed against. “Our generation is the phoenix . . .” “We’ve paved the way . . .” “You seem extremely jealous. . . .” I know not whether to laugh or cry. I’ve no doubt these authors were all quite sincere, if a touch myopic. But they come off sounding not like the glorious heroes they claim to be, but precisely like the insufferable blowhards we find so annoying. If this is the fruition of the dream of the 60s, then I want no part of it. Like Ms. Phillips, I have no interest in repeating past mistakes or following blind alleys. And contrary to popular belief, we have carved a nice little niche for ourselves here in the 80s. I am sorry if our existence annoys anybody, but we are not interested in living in someone else’s past. We prefer the present.

Eugene Dillenburg

W. Eastwood