That nit-picking Bob Greene basher, Ed Gold, still seems to be bashing away with his tirade in the June 7 edition of the Reader [BobWatch].

It’s possible there are other intellectually discriminating individuals like Mr. Gold who enjoy reading such derogatory effluvium. The Reader does well to publish something interesting for all the variegated tastes of the public at large; and Mr. Gold’s fetish for Bob Greene bashing continues with the approval, it appears, of the publishers.

People bashing seems to be very much in style, and Mr. Gold has outdone himself with the various interpretive nuances of Bob Greene’s writing.

Does Mr. Gold’s sun rise and set on the literary accomplishments of Bob Greene? Does he wait with bated breath, blurry eyes, and itching typing fingers for the next day’s column? Does Bob Greene’s writing represent Ed Gold’s bread and butter?

If this is so, then it is Bob Greene’s duty to keep on writing so Ed Gold has something to write about. It wouldn’t do to let Mr. Gold starve for lack of inspiration.

M. Samek

N. Beacon