To the editors:

In the interest of truth and accuracy, the Board of Trustees of the Body Politic Theatre wishes to correct several statements made by Mr. Lewis Lazare in his June 28 column under the heading “What Ails the Body Politic?” Most importantly, it must be stated that:

1. Mr. Richard Kordos was engaged by our Artistic Director, Albert Pertalion, to direct The Lion in Winter.

2. Mr. Kordos created a highly successful production, which received unanimously excellent reviews, a Jeff nomination, enthusiastic audience response, and generated strong ticket sales. Mr. Kordos also brought the production in on budget.

3. Mr. Kordos has never been a member of the Body Politic staff.

As to the matter of staff tenure, it is customary in most professional organizations to conduct an annual performance review of employees. Both Mr. Pertalion and Ms. Charbonneau have engaged in this process with us.

Bernie Miller


Body Politic

Board of Trustees

Lewis Lazare replies:

Bernie Miller should note that in my item I specifically refrained from indicating exactly who “engaged” Nan Charbonneau’s husband, Richard Kordos. But the fact remains that Charbonneau was willing to have her husband be engaged by the Body Politic as a director while she was the theater’s producing director. I made no reference in my item to the quality of the Body Politic’s production of The Lion in Winter, and Body Politic memoranda brought to my attention indicate there were budget overruns on the production.