To the editors:

In response to last week’s scathing social criticism of the baby boomers, geez, I didn’t know such passion was possible in one of the younger set. I was just putting down another of the many articles on Sean and Madonna and ready to pick up the latest on the Brat Pack when Miss Julie Somebody’s illuminating (but cynical) historical perspective caught the gleam on my bifocals [“Boomed Out,” July 31]. Wow, I thought, here’s a woman who’s done some clear thinking and had some real experience in the world.

Her analysis of the 29 is it (?) to early 40ish set was overpowering and I bet she’s had personal relationships with a lot of 35-year-olds to validate her tantrum, oops, article, too. I myself heard a couple of thirtyish types just the other day waiting for a bus in 90-degree heat muttering under their breaths about how if only they had gotten tickets for Woodstock they’d be a lot cooler. If that’s not enough to back up Miss Julie’s expose, a friend of a friend of a friend told me a fortyish-type guy was spouting off about how pissed off he was they never made Easy Rider into a television series. I guess he just kind of broke down and then started quizzing people about where they were when Jack Kennedy got shot and then started to measure people’s pants legs for bell-bottoms against their will. I was shocked, but hey, Miss Julie pointed out we’ve got a spoiled generation on our hands. She’s right.

So, in the future when you see another ad for skin cream for the poor dears on their way over 40, remember some day it will be you and your kids will be saying to you, “Gee Mom, do we have to keep hearing about how bitter you are about not being a boomer, can’t you get over it?” So, get over it, Miss Julie and then sit down and have some milk and cookies.

Stephanie (just another little boomer with a heck of a lot of ideals) Kuehn

W. Roscoe

PS: Thanks for yet another article on us, it’s always nice to stay in the news.