From Al Salvi’s Senate campaign announcement speech, September 29, 1995:

“In order to service this [$5 trillion] national debt, we pay more than one out of every six tax dollars on interest…. The bureaucratic programs which led to this crisis are outdated, outrageous, and out of touch. Ronald Reagan said in 1964 that…’a bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!’ One of the programs Ronald Reagan may have been referring to was the Appalachian Regional Commission, which [in 1994]…spent our money on a new practice football field in the area’s wealthiest county. Or maybe Ronald Reagan was referring to the Screw Worm Research Project, which continues to receive federal money to study the problems of the screw worm in an area where it no longer exists. Or maybe Ronald Reagan was talking about programs such as Bill Clinton’s Americorps. We all have heard dozens of horror stories like these…. The time is now to pass the Contract With America.”

The first 5 items, out of 41, from “Accomplishments of Congressman Dick Durbin,” distributed by his office, May 14, 1996:

“Cosponsored legislation that established federal standards for mammography facilities…[and ensured] adequate funding to enforce the standards.

“Helped lead the effort over the last six years to increase federal funding for medical research.

“Helped lead the fight for increased funding for [WIC].

“Spearheaded a successful effort to increase federal funding for…the Comprehensive Child Development Program.

“Established a program that provides residential substance abuse

treatment to pregnant women and mothers.”