To the editors:

[Regarding “Field Day,” December 13:] How is Daniel Michalski’s aunt?

Victoria Jackiw

N. Pine Grove

Daniel Michalski replies:

Thank you for caring.

My aunt was discovered by a neighboring tenant.

She spent the next three days undergoing reconstructive surgery to what was left of her arms, hands, and feet. Surgical pins and wires were inserted into her fingers. The best guess to her number of crush fractures was over a dozen.

She practices daily physical therapy in an attempt to regain some use of her arms and hands and is succeeding to a degree. Her left index finger did not respond and may have to be amputated. Another finger is also a concern at this late date.

Family and friends closed out her apartment immediately after the attack. She had no lease, but the building owner attempted to block the move bodily, saying he wanted prior notice or he would not refund her security deposit. Chicago police arrived and convinced him to take a walk to clear his head and perhaps his colon.

She currently lives with family in a private bungalow, far from her home base and her beloved church. Her furniture and belongings repose in boxes in a corner of the basement until plans for her future can be thought through, predicated on her health and safety.

She is lost.