To the editors:

Because of Jonathan Rosenbaum’s recommendation [October 8] I saw The Young One at Facets. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the film I disagree with one aspect of his review; the depiction of the characters in relation to the natural world. Traver understood nature the most, as shown by his knowledge of how to catch a crab with bare hands and eat it live. Miller tries to control nature for his benefit: shooting the rabbit–a symbol of power, a sort of hunting that is artificially balanced in Miller’s favor. Also, Miller’s excitement at all the “improvements” impending development promises to bring reveals his power-relationship with nature. Evvie’s relationship to nature is one of ignorance. She smashes, no, not a scorpion, but a harmless tarantula. These three characters have distinct relationships with nature that parallel their relationships with one another. Just another ingenious layer in Bunuel’s true masterpiece.

Laura Pinnas