[Re: “Pushed Off the Platform,” May 14]

To the editor:

The city of Chicago has existing ordinances in place (chapter 4-268, section 4-268-010 through 4-268-090, and other provisions of the Environmental Protection and Control Ordinance, article VII of chapter 11-4 of the Municipal Code, and all other applicable code provisions).

Getting to the point of the matter, we think it is in the best interest of all parties involved to have the police enforce these ordinances. No exceptions.

We believe the key assertions and provisions of Alderman Natarus’s proposed ordinance on street musicians could be fulfilled to his and the ward’s satisfaction by enforcing these existing ordinances.

By not enforcing the ordinances as they exist today, how could one expect problems to go away by creating new ordinances?

The street musicians who do follow the existing ordinances will be left suffering the hardships brought on by the proposed ordinances. However, the street musicians (licensed and unlicensed) who are breaking the existing ordinances will continue to break these and any new ordinances!

Joshua R. Harp

Anne Marie Murphy