To the editors:

Losing Stuart Rosenberg [Hot Type, November 26] is just the first cut in the wholesale butchery that is about to take place at WBEZ. After January 1 they are axing Studio A, Afternoon Forum, New Dimensions, Soundprint, and Horizons, The Folk Sampler, and Sing Out Song Bag.

To protest this devastation in the only attention getting manner that I know, I wrote to Carole Nolan and cancelled my WBEZ membership. I received back a form letter from the membership director that in no way addressed any of the issues I raised. Which is not untypical of the way WBEZ deals with its loyal listeners.

I would like to suggest that if enough WBEZ members cancelled their memberships, perhaps the message would get through to the WBEZ board of directors that what attracted us to WBEZ in the first place was the very programming that they are now slaughtering. And perhaps they would understand that high-handed programming manipulation is not appropriate for a station that relies on listener support, as they claim they do.

In the meantime I intend to listen to prerecorded cassette tapes, of which there is an ample supply in the marketplace.

B. Zola

Oak Park