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To the editors:

I’m commenting about Cate Plys’s article “Miscellany: Man Track,” [March 29] on Playboy. I’m surprised to see such an obvious prejudiced article and as a longtime subscriber who actually purchases the magazine for its written content, I am offended. Ms. Plys states several times that the magazine is obscene; many two-bit prosecutors have been trying to prove this in court for 30 years without success. No doubt they needed Ms. Plys’s testimony. Some things that never came up in her research: Playboy pays higher fees to writers than most if not all other American magazines; their features on entertainment such as movies, music, video, etc rival if not surpass other mass media. To name a couple–Birnbaum on travel, Williamson on movies. By the way, I should add that I’m not a 16-year-old that Plys feels is the ideal Playboy reader age, I’m 63.

Whether it was meant as a joke, the final insult to any reader’s intelligence are the last several paragraphs devoted to the favorite pinup in Saudi Arabia during the gulf war–the narcotics officer posed in Wrangler jeans with a shirt buttoned nearly to her chin. Plys did say “it might not be so popular if gulf soldiers could have nude pinups.” I doubt if soldiers were even allowed to pin up photos of their wives or girlfriends in shorts due to our pandering to the puritanical standards of the Saudi princes. I wonder if that same Navy spokesman told Plys how many servicemen stateside were familiar with the jeans lady. I just hope Cate Plys spends the next five years researching back issues of Readers Digest.

Jay Woldenberg