Panel discussion moderated by muckraker Sherman Skolnick. Dialogue enhanced by text scrolling across the screen (example: “The White House through corrupt local officials tried to stop this program”).

Target Demographic

Disgruntled litigants, persecuted retirees, folks with Zapruder screen savers.

Thematic Concerns

Crooked judges, sticky-fingered politicians, bureaucratic jackasses, lying press whores, collusive bankers, Queen Elizabeth, the Vatican.

Representative Excerpt

Skolnick and guest Joseph Andreuccetti discuss a protracted bankruptcy case involving an Addison condo development. Andreuccetti says he bought the property with loans from an S & L but was ruined after that S & L failed. He holds a variety of parties responsible for driving him into bankruptcy, including the IRS, Henry Hyde, the Mafia, and the First National Bank of Cicero. Skolnick adds the Vatican and Hillary Rodham Clinton. “That’s why the title of this show is ‘Corruption From Chicago to the White House,'” he says. The case was allegedly tied up in court from 1984 to ’97.

Andreuccetti: Also in ’93, I was illegally evicted out of my house and all my property was seized.

Skolnick: Your records.

A: My records and everything. And I can practically prove it was done at the direction of Henry Hyde. Direct the whole thing….At the time of eviction, so-called eviction–which they came at gunpoint, 15, 20 of them–when I asked ’em, “Where’s the due process?” They draw a gun and say, “Here’s my due process.”

S: You were across the street with a video camera making a video for this program.

A: Right.

S: And they came with a gun and say, “You stop.”

A: Correct. The weird thing about it, not weird thing, the ironic thing was, when we tried to seek some help from the FBI, the FBI says, “Oh yes, we know all about it, but we can’t do nothing for you.” And then we call Congressman Hyde’s office and complain about it, and I heard a male voice in the background say, “They were not supposed to do that. They were not supposed to seize the belongings. I don’t know what happened.”

S: Including our cable tapes.

A: Correct.

S: So they came back with a truck and dumped them on the lawn.

A: About three or four hours later they came back and dumped them on the lawn, without telling us about it.

S: And they didn’t return everything.

A: No. When we got there, scavengers already went by. Plus all the documents were gone!

Peek Into Psyche

Skolnick: Joe, in the United States there’s a great deal of bigotry. They assume that if somebody has an Italian name that he’s bound to be with the Mafia. I coined this phrase to explain something, that your main problem–and from a cynical standpoint–was that you never joined the Mafia. In other words, this never would have happened. (Rueful chuckles.) You wouldn’t have this problem, would you?

Andreuccetti: No. Absolutely not.

S: Why?

A: The whole thing can speak for itself. Cicero. Capone.

S: They wouldn’t dare do it.

Broadsides airs Mondays at 9 PM on cable access channel 21.

–Joy Bergmann