Chat show taped on location in guests’ living rooms or workplaces, hosted by Dr. Beverly Nicholson, an herbalist who says ritualistic colon cleansing cured her of cancer, lupus, and leukemia. Guests testify to the miraculous healing powers of improved regularity. Recipe for “colon cleanse” potion flashed on-screen. Additional commentary shouted by producer offscreen.

Target Demographic

Anyone who eats three times a day, makes one elimination, and worries about what happened to the other two meals.

Thematic Concerns

A proponent of positive thinking, Nicholson says, “Anything in life, you only get out what you put in.” Colon cleansing potion consists of apple juice, distilled water, liquid bentonite, liquid chlorophyll, psyllium hulls, and cascara sagrada capsules. Conversations peppered with maxims, such as “You are what you eat, but you’re also what you keep.” Discussion frequently revolves around the number of parasites passed in the course of “three to four eliminations a day.”

Representative Excerpt

Nicholson and guest Rena Moore, RN, discuss Moore’s transformation from a size 20 to a size 6, credited to a bowel-scrubbing regimen and a vegetarian diet.

Nicholson: One of the benefits of cleansing is weight loss, because weight is waste. Going back to those three meals a day: If you eat three meals a day, you go to the bathroom once a day–at the end of the week you’ve had 21 meals and seven eliminations. So what happens to the other food? It sits in the body and it just rots and putrefies.

(Moore nods.)

You know, that’s why we talk about John Wayne. When he died, his autopsy report revealed he had like 44 pounds of undigested food left in his colon.

(Moore nods.)

Did I ever show you the pictures I’ve got of the megatoxic colon? What was it, a 66-year-old guy had one bowel movement a month?

Moore: That’s incredible.

N: Yeah. He was a chronic schizophrenic. It’s no wonder that he was schizophrenic, if you’ve got that much waste in the body and you’re going to the bathroom just once a month like that. So that’s why it’s just so important to learn, for us to learn, as a people…

M: Exactly.

N: …that the colon is the sewer system of the body. And death begins in the colon. That’s what we always try to tell them here at Make the Herbal Connection, just to educate in full that death begins in the colon.

Peek Into Psyche

Nicholson: As we get older, life does become more precious. When we talk about colon cleanse, we’re not talking about the quantity of life–it’s the quality. I’d rather live to be 60 and be in my right mind than live to be 90 and wind up in a nursing home and not knowing if I’m a girl or a boy….If we learn now how to start cleansing our bodies, then one day we won’t wind up in a nursing home having to have a nurse or an attendant to put a glove on to go up into our rectum and pull that waste out–that’s been impacted up in us for years and years and years. And I think that in itself would just be a hallelujah to be able to say, ‘Hey, I can go to the bathroom on my own. I do not have to have someone to go in and pull waste out of my body.’ You’ve been a RN. You know what I’m saying is the truth. And it’s happening as we speak right now.

Moore: Exactly.

Make the Herbal Connection airs frequently, but irregularly, on cable access channel 21.

–Joy Bergmann