Sixty minutes of “nonstop action” produced by the avuncular Bill Wildt, 56, president of the nonprofit Motorsports Advancement Crusade. Footage of racing and of customized cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and motorboats enhanced by the Lovely Ladies of Motorsports. The ladies wear pink leotards, bow ties, feather headdresses, and white pumps to all events. They’re rarely out of frame.

Target Demographic

Guys who like things that run on gasoline.

Thematic Concerns

Wildt promotes midget cars, badger dwarfs, super street stocks, legal mid-American stocks, Indy cars, go-carts, dragsters, monster trucks, and asphalt-grinding technology.

The ladies promote proper posture–hands on hips, one pump in front of the other, slight bend of knee. Variation: a reassuring hand on shoulder of male guest.

Representative Excerpt

Wildt and Lovely Ladies MaryBeth Claypool and Luda K, a Siberian immigrant, reminisce while driving back to Chicago from a shoot at the Illiana Motor Speedway.

Bill Wildt: What happened last year, we had Luda with her car drag racing up at Great Lakes Dragway, and I might point out, Luda, you lost every race.

Luda K: I not lost every race. I was first in every race because Bill does this on purpose, because he try to show everybody what he doing right for practice, for understand everything, you not take correctly time and he fixed this, and this, but I know I’m first.

BW: Luda, you lost every race.

LK: No!

BW: In any event, what we were doing . . . we were trying to teach them about the brake out and how to dial in your time . . . and all that Luda knows is she got to the finish line first and you don’t know why you weren’t the winner, right?

LK: Nope.

BW: So everyone knows that Luda wants to drive all the time, so when we were doing Chevy VetteFest . . . a guy comes up to us, because Luda complained that the car that she was driving was a little four-cylinder Ford Tempo and she wanted to drive a faster car . . .so when we were at Chevy VetteFest a fellow came up to us, gave us his card, and he says, “The next time that you guys go to the drag strip she can drive my Corvette.” And you’re all excited about it, right?

LK: Yes. Now I have car. Now I need sponsor and I make you very good driver.

BW: One thing at a time. . . . MaryBeth, how do we explain to Luda that the Illiana Motor Speedway is not exactly like Great Lakes Dragway?

MaryBeth Claypool: Luda, it’s not a straight line.

BW: Yeah, this is going around.

LK: You think I’m afraid to go around? I don’t think so!

BW: No, I don’t think so that you’re afraid to go around, Luda, but you’re going to be going around with other cars.

MBC: Oh yes, wheel to wheel, Luda.

LK: Yes, I know. This is not fun driving just myself.

BW: So you’re ready for this?

LK: Yes.

BW: OK, we’re having fun now because Luda does get excited about the possibility of driving on these racetracks.

Peek Into Psyche

Wildt talks about a recent press junket to Phoenix courtesy of Bridgestone/Firestone.

Bill Wildt: The thing I found most exciting, and one of the main reasons I went out there–and I hope they’re not watching–but I got to thrash a brand new C5 Corvette, just a great car. Actually I picked a bright chrome yellow, a Pennzoil yellow, gorgeous car. Just had a great time slamming it around. . . . It is fast, it rides nice, it handles beautifully. It’s a terrific car.

Motorsports Unlimited airs Monday! Monday! Monday! at 7:30 PM on cable access channel 19.

–Joy Bergmann