A motivational hour of power “guaranteed to blow your mind!” Host Dr. Robert N. Crawford and guests explore such subjects as “vibrational healing,” “radiant living,” and improving one’s sex life. An irrepressible lecturer, Crawford says he holds PhDs in “transpersonal psychology and holistic health sciences,” and he concludes each show with his “7 Keys” to success (“success is a seven-letter word”). Recent thunderbolts include “Keep focused on what you’re doing,” “Thoughts represent you,” and “Breath is the key to life.”

Target Demographic

People who want to get lucky–whatever that means to you.

Thesis Statement

“Use what you got to get what you want,” Crawford says. In case you don’t get exactly what you need, he sells clairvoyant consultations, massage oils, scented waters, prosperity rituals, and “Secrets to Success Monthly Lucky Number Sheets.” He also offers seminars like “Sex, God, and the Single Woman” via his Web site:

Representative Excerpt

Guest Dr. Walter L. Beckley discusses his book, The Multi-Orgasmic Man, and his compact disc, Ocean Breathing, which teaches how to re-create in-womb respiratory dynamics.

Beckley: In Taoism, as we work with the sexual energy, we work with formulas. And these particular formulas that we work with teach you how, for instance, for men to be able to breathe into their testicles.

Crawford: Ah.

B: So that would be one technique learning what we call “Testicle Breathing.”

C: Yes.

B: And for women what it would show up as is called “Ovarian Breathing,” being able to breathe into the ovaries and start the healing process within the ovaries, and testicles for men. So once you’re able to tap into that force, what happens is, you’re able to move this force into different parts of your body.

C: Uh-huh.

B: So, for instance, you feel the force in the testicles, you move it to another center. Then you move to another center, and you start to bring this energy up the body. And as you bring this energy up, it magnifies each of these stopping stations–or vortexes–of energy that are in the body . . .

C: Right.

B: . . . and they help to heal the body.

Peek Into Psyche

Crawford: When I buy clothes, for instance, this suit looks good because, I was going to buy another suit . . .and I kept visualizing myself in a suit but it wasn’t the suit I was going to buy.

So I went back to the store and talked to the saleslady–who was very helpful–and I said “Is this the best you can do? You know, this has no, I don’t know. I don’t feel it.” And when I put on clothes, I like to feel it. I like to feel it. Because, you see, clothes–to a degree–represent a part of you and they make a statement. And I love making a statement.

And with my winning attitude I walked in and said, “I bet if you look very hard, you can find something better than this for me to buy.” And she said, “How do you like this?” And I looked at this suit and I said, “Now that looks really good. Let me try it on.” And already I began to visualize what shirt I wanted with it, what tie, everything, OK?

That is what you call being totally honest with yourself.

Peek Into Psyche II

Crawford: People used to ask me–when I realized who I was–“How many times a day do you kneel and pray?” I said I don’t kneel and pray. I just pray. Because he who kneeleth and bendeth over, bendeth over to be kicked. And so I’m not ready to be kicked and I do not take kicking lightly. I will kick back. . . . Every time you let life kick you in the butt, you’re kneeling!

Peek Into Psyche III

Crawford: Am I rich? No, but I’m trying!

Secrets to Success airs Fridays at 10 PM on cable access channel 21.

–Joy Bergmann