To the editors:

If some of you so-called journalists would spend time to investigate things which seem to bewilder you or boggle your mind, then perhaps your intellect would improve.

The caption you reprinted, which is attributed to me and printed in your article the City File [March 8], by Wm. Bike of the Near West Gazette, only displayed Mr. Bike’s attempt to discredit Afro American people before a select few whites, who, supported another candidate as the paper itself.

The statement in its entirety would have revealed that you learn Chicago politics in the street school of education rather than in any formal accredited institution. I believe any knowledgeable person associated with the political arena would confirm.

However, you, in your ignorance, fell victim also by reprinting the fallacy without seeking knowledge. You do not know Donald C. Boyd; yet you seem to ask the public to address the statement. To me, your readership needs to question the action of any editorial group that would sanction the publication of such nonsense.

Contrary, to how the white media would desire to portray the intellect of Afro Americans, we still contribute, despite the BULL.

If you have another “Huh” where Donald C. Boyd is involved call me.

Donald C. Boyd, CEO

Craig Management Consultant

W. Madison