Call Me Confused, Snotty, and Misguided, Just Don’t Call Me Late for the Show

To Brian Nemtusak–

Your review of Ric Borelli’s one-man show Best Dope in Town [June 8] was confusing, snotty, and misguided. Borelli’s ambition and class are clearly integrated and acknowledged throughout the show (i.e., his Dire Straits-scored montage of himself as the cool guy in sunglasses). The entire point of the piece was his self-admitted desire to impress “casting agents” and be successful, and his desperation is an obvious by-product of being victimized by mandatory sentencing. By far the most jackass and smug part of the review was the mocking tone assumed towards Ronald Reagan’s villainization: “Reagan (boo).” Hey, guess what, Ronald Reagan was a terribly destructive creep who did hurt millions of people by his tuff-on-crime campaign rhetoric. Who would be a better and more “interesting” villain for you? Calvin Coolidge? Your review smells of “new critic trying to take a strong cynical stand.” But you forget that this is a real person who is expressing an actual incident that makes a great story. Were you sitting in judgment so much that you missed the story? If it were up to me you would be jailed and kicked till there’s blood in your urine. Wait, that’s a bit too much. I just disagree with your review.

Good day to you sir.

Adam McKay

New York City