To the editors:

I read the Reader on a weekly basis and am open to all of its ideas whether I agree with them or not. Your feature article on Larry Eyler [July 31] changed my tolerance toward the Reader for the worst. An air of political correctness and sympathy toward Mr. Eyler still leaves a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

A few matters continually stick out in my mind. First off, the man admittedly slaughtered a teenage boy, and whether he committed the other murders or not, he is guilty of that heinous crime. Secondly, all people are responsible for their own actions. The excuse of low self-esteem and blind obedience toward Professor Little is a crock of manure. These types of pleas are only acceptable when dealing with animals; Mr. Eyler should be put away for life. As for calling Mr. Eyler’s acquaintance and sexual partner a “lover,” is a total waste of ink. Mr. Eyler is incapable of love, which I believe is one of the reasons he killed.

Our society has become a dark comedy with an underlying sickness. Just because there are similar murders taking place in Indiana and Ohio today does not mean Larry Eyler is innocent. Serial killing is a very real problem that is taking place today and many of the killing rituals are alike because of the same personality disorders.

I am not a fascist who believes in limited human rights, but I do believe enough is enough. Come on Mr. Conroy, you were writing about a convicted killer, not Nelson Mandela. I am seriously considering never looking at the Reader again because of your irresponsible journalism. Get the facts straight. Jack O’Malley did nothing wrong, Larry Eyler did.

Joe Becht

North Riverside