To the editors:

So the Hot Type people think it’s just terrible that Hedy Weiss of the Sun-Times didn’t review Torch Song Trilogy [September 25]! Yes, Ms. Weiss is showing poor judgment, but the Reader should certainly not be so quick to criticize.

Why? Because over the past several years, I have seen and enjoyed many local theatrical productions of note which played to enthusiastic audiences–and good reviews in the “majors”–which somehow the Reader’s ample staff of critics passed over.

Example: Two years ago the Pegasus company inaugurated its residence at the Truman College theater with a well-received production of Bus Stop. Six weeks of performances . . . nary a mention in the Reader’s theater-review section.

Examples: The Candlelight theater has repeatedly produced Jeff-winning productions of Tony-winning musicals–in many cases, Chicago premieres. But again, no attention from the Reader. Why? If dinner-theater of such high quality is not beneath the Trib and Times people, why is this the case with you? Or do you feel that north side yuppies would never dare to venture south of Roosevelt Road for a theatrical experience?

Someday I’ll have to visit the Reader’s offices. It must be a truly magnificent all-glass structure, to accommodate the stone-throwers on your theater-review staff.


North side