Dear Editors:

Ed Gold is my new best friend for writing Bobwatch [January 27]. It has instantly become my favorite part of the Reader.

As I’m sure Gold understands, Greene’s simpering whine is so repugnant to me I have a masochistic compulsion to read the column every time I pick up a Tribune. I just can’t stand his glowing, unblemished 1950s white-bread Columbus held like a Holy Grail before the sewer that is modern America. Invariably I brandish the paper at my husband, seethingly quoting tidbits of Greene’s moaning prose with appropriate eye-rolling and smirking. I am normally a well-balanced, calm person, but Greene never fails to work me into an irrational froth.

I have been attempting to limit myself to just reading the last little hopeless, profound sentence of every column, but it’s a challenge. Now I can enjoy, through Gold’s write-up, a Greene synopsis and preserve my sanity.

Please keep it up!

Name withheld