To the editors:

Two items I found to be incorrect in the June 22nd edition–one a matter of fact, and one a matter of opinion.

First, on page 8, section 1, in a photoessay entitled “Polska Msza,” Chicago’s own Bishop Alfred Abramowicz was incorrectly identified as Polish Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz. Whoops.

Second, in the Critic’s Choice corner of section two, in reviewing jazz pianist Sparrow Parker, his piano playing was labeled “limited.” I went to his show at the South End Music Works that Friday, and I found Sparrow about as limited as the current supplies of Simpsons’ merchandise. He was that good.

Marykay Czerwiec

W. Cornelia

Richard Younker replies:

Re my errors on the Polish Mass photo story: Apologies for mistakenly referring to Reverend Abramowicz as Cardinal Gulbinowicz and for placing the commemorative program in the basement of Saint Hyacinth’s Church instead of Holy Trinity Church. I hope the Polish people will grant the same indulgence to my errors as they did to the intrusion of my camera.