To the editor:

Michael Miner notes that virtually everyone is “lionizing Tiger” these days [April 25], but the most telling news peg here was missed by everyone.

When Tiger Woods’s dad made that fantastic statement about his son, that he will “do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity,” no one thought of asking his mother what she thinks.

Why? Well, she is southeast Asian, and if she hadn’t had the luck to marry a GI during the Vietnam War, she might well be doing what millions of third-world women are doing today–working in factories for a couple of dollars a day stitching sport shoes. She’d have a few kids, maybe one of them about half Tiger’s age. What would he be doing? Probably stitching together soccer balls somewhere, maybe chained to his machine! (I wonder, do our soccer moms know this?)

Her son already has $40 million from Nike, the worst of the sweatshop abusers. Can we admire an intelligent college student with great sports talent for ignoring his fellow minority workers like Michael Jordan obviously has? Or will he have some compassion and understanding for these exploited third-world people? He’s got the clout now that he has won golf’s greatest prize.

Marketing icon or humanitarian? We would hope that Tiger Woods has the courage to bring about reform in a way that would truly “change the course of humanity,” as his father predicts.

David B. Zoellner