Sunday, October 27, 2002

Looking thru the New York Times email alerts I see this: 12 Americans Stage Protest Hussein Is Happy to Allow [about the Chicago-based pacifists Voices in the Wilderness demonstrating in Baghdad].

I read thru it wondering if Mr. JOHN F. BURNS is reporting news from the same baghdad I live in. Nothing in the news about it, and no one at work making any “look at those poor deluded souls going at it again” comments (which is one of two responses to this sort of thing, the other being “I wonder how much money are they getting as a ‘thank you’ gift from saddam”). Half-way thru the article Mr. Burns does say that there was virtually no Iraqi media present at the “protest”. Right on, Ms. [Kathy] Kelly might as well have staged that protest in her bathroom. Dear american friends, please stop sending her over here, she is not helping. Some people might think that this sort of thing I like to see happening. It is NOT. Kelly baby you have been used. They have put you on show for the westerners. For me personally I lost interest when you were quoted saying things like: “I wish people in our country would be willing to show the same** spirit of forgiveness and econciliation** to the two million people in our prisons” [after Saddam Hussein emptied Iraq’s prisons].

I think you better take your ‘thank you’ gift and leave. fast. It feels like you’re stepping on my toes. and I pray for “your” prisoners that they are not shown the exact same “spirit of (no-trial-just-shoot-them-I-don’t-want-to-worry-about-them) forgiveness”. I would have loved to shake your hands and give you a thank you hug, but that statement…tsk tsk tsk. Is she really that naive or just trying to stay on the right side of the red line, I would forgive her for the last. Everybody has to make a living, somehow.