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Revenge is sweet. Especially when harmless and yet SO SATISFYING… will pack and send an anonymous heaping pile of the best poop money can buy–anywhere in the world!

PooPoo Packages

Your practical joke can manifest itself in three convenient sizes:


Teddy is 20 pounds of pure dog food processing power! Her high bulk, low fat diet means perfectly shaped tubular bowel movements that are larger and firmer than a comparable dog on an inferior diet. Teddy is the original DogDoo model, and our daily inspiration.

The Econo-Poop is heat sealed in a clear plastic bag. We apply an elegant gift wrapping and if you wish, you may elect to include a label with a brief message of your own design. Your gift and its card are placed in a small cardboard box and anonymously mailed from a small town in California.

The deal of the century for a mere $15.00!!

PooPoo Special

Jesse is a 50 pound, still growing and extremely active dog that must consume a high protein (hamburger), high carbohydrate (rice) diet. This means a large, highly cohesive and elastic bowel movement, with a dark brown patina.

All of the insult of the Econo-Poop with twice the bulk for a meager $20.00!!

PooPoo Grande

Buster is a 110 pound powerhouse that creates massive mountains of the most robust bowel movements you have ever had the displeasure to experience. The Grande is the largest product in our line, and will definitely make an impression.

You can’t find, buy and send packages of this size and quality for $25.00 anywhere else!!

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There’s a T-shirt in it for you if we print it.